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Benefit from fine blanking for tight tolerances and totally precise parts from JyoAsh Engineers!

Want to have a process that is highly precise and offers all cut surfaces with a smooth cut? Want an efficient process wherein the forming capacity of the material is best and the cut surfaces of the product do not show any crack? Then there is the right solution in fine blanking.

Advantages of fine blanking

There is a lot done in one operation in fine blanking and there is elevated accuracy. The quality of the edge is outstanding and there is augmented part flatness. Moreover fine blanking offers amazing dimensional control and accuracy. Gain the most from fine blanking for huge production purposes.

With a dynamic tooling configuration, you can benefit from the clean sheared edge of fine blanking. Don’t worry about secondary manufacturing operations and be happy with the outcome with a single stroke of the press for a mostly shaped blank. Thanks to the counter pressure provided in every phase of the blanking period there is amazing flatness. Sharing similarities with extrusion, fine blanking involves the extrusion of metals through die cavities.

Fine blanking can be deployed in different fields including automobiles, electronics industry etc. The part flatness attained through fine blanking is outstanding compared to traditional processes. The process is also not sluggish and parts can be run progressively. Besides, with fine blanking, there is no worry of bending or tearing that typically occurs in ordinary blanking. The result is a superior, soft and even shear surface.

At JyoAsh Engineers, we deliver fine blanking services that are tailored according to your project’s specific requirements. For more details on fine banking services, contact our sales team. Our mentors have over 4 decades of experience in presses and press tools and fine blanking is just one of the areas we expertise in. We assure you that will provide you with the best services.

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